- Added support for Yandex and Google SSL
    - Works with new Google Instant Previews!
    - Works with new Google UI!
    - Changed Bettersearch Engine to provide thumbs much more faster!
    - Added Bing.com support
    - Removed delicious.com
    - FIX: Google changed the HTML of the results page, BetterSearch didn't know
      what to do. It's working again, now.

    - Compatible with Flock 2 beta+.

    - FIX: Action icons are back.
    - FIX: Delicious support unbroken! It's glorious.
    - FIX: MSN/Live support works again.
    - FIX: Statusbar tooltip was showing the wrong version number. Silly thing.
    - FIX: Made some minor enhancements to Google URL normalisation.
    - FIX: Removed remnant code ("big icons" etc.).

    - CHG: Removed support for everything but Yahoo!, Google, MSN and Delicious.
           Sorry, don't have the time anymore to keep track of anything else.

    - Compatible with Firefox 3 now (3.0.*) and Flock 1.2.

    - Compatible with Firefox 3 now (3.0b5pre).
    - ADD: Compatible with Flock now.
    - FIX: Thumbnails are back for Yahoo!.
    - CHG: Prettier icons, courtesy of http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/
    - CHG: Removed option for big icons
    - Minor under-the-hood changes to prepare for the next major version.

    - FIX: Version string freak-up in 1.16a/1.17 caused the Firefox update
           notification to pop up with every browser start. The version
           string was changed (1.18), and that will fix that. Sorry for
           the mess.
    - FIX: Another Google HTML change, another fix.

1.17 (i.e. 1.16a)
    Quick maintenance release, shot from the hip
    - FIX: Google changed the HTML layout of the search result pages and
           BetterSearch didn't know what to do. Fixed!

    IMPORTANT: Extension website address has changed -- it's 
    BetterSearch.zottmann.org now.

    - ADD: Re-added ThumbShots.org attribution since 
           img.bettersearch.zottmann.org is using them again, and credit is
           due. ;) Attribution (text snippet) is pulled from the extension
           website at each browser start to allow me to act fast in case I
           need to switch thumbnail providers (server-side), which might 
           require new/changed attribution. Should the need arise, I will
           be able to adjust the attribution text without distributing a
           new extension version. The attribution is pulled from 
           and sanitized after loading (stripping out possible script code).
    - FIX: Code cleanups to get rid of the mess that was caused in the
           "chaos" that ensued after webshotspro.com blacklisted us. 
    - CHG: Some locale string names have been changed, nothing major, tho.
    - CHG: Small changes to sk-SK localization (thanks to Spikee over at 

    - FIX: it-IT locale fixed... most likely... again... I hope. :P

    Preface: This is a rushed release to make quick changes so the
        extension remains in a working state. Expect a new release soon.
    - CHG: WebShotsPro.com not used anymore. Apparently, BetterSearch
           blew their servers away. (Sorry about that.) In the future,
           all images will be requested through img.bettersearch.g-blog.net
           so I have more control which services are used and will be able
           to react faster to stuff like that.
    - CHG: Removed ThumbShots.org/WebShotsPro.com attribution.
    - FIX: Fixed XML errors in it-IT configurations (hopefully).

    - ADD: Support for Google personalized search.
    - ADD: Localization Slovak (thanks to Spikee over at babelzilla.org!).
    - ADD: Added visible thumbnail service attribution to the bottom end
           of each search result page.
    - CHG: Removed all Alexa.com thumbnails and the related anonymization
           feature. Now using webshotspro.com thumbnails instead.
    - ADD: Localization Traditional Chinese.

    - FIX: Localization Portuguese (Brazilian) wasn't referenced and thus
      not accessible.
    - ADD: Localization Portuguese (Brazilian).
    - FIX: Amazon links on del.icio.us were rendered unusable, fixed.
    - FIX: Less redundant Yahoo! processing. 
    - FIX: Less redundant Google processing.
    - FIX: Layout fixes for Yahoo!.
1.10, 2006-03-12
    - ADD: Anonymization proxy can be changed via about:config now 
    - ADD: Support for ask.com (Ask Jeeves), Clusty.com, Vivisimo.com.
    - CHG: Default anonymization proxy (for Alexa requests) is ProxyKing.net
           now, instead of Anonymizing.net.
    - CHG: Fixed Alexa thumbnail problems (thanks to Dr. Sal for the help!).

    - Major code rewrites, resulting in speed improvements. w00t!

1.9, 2005-08-28
    - ADD: Localization. Initial set: English, Italian, German, French, 
           Catalan, Spanish.
    - ADD: Dogpile.com support.
    - CHG: Better Amazon ASIN recognition, so more reliable Amazon product
           detail display.
    - CHG: Major code cleanups.
    - CHG: Better, cleaner thumbnail placement. The dreaded "results jumping
           due to thumbnail placing", umm, feature is gone, too.
    - CHG: Due to localization issues, the "Archive" link is not an icon
           anymore, but a styled text link.

    - BUG: AllTheWeb support was broken, fixed.
    - BUG: Processing was sometimes triggered on non-search pages @ Yahoo!, 
           Google, MSN and AllTheWeb. Fixed.

1.8.7, 2005-07-10
    - ADD: Yahoo! My Web 2.0 support.

    - CHG: New statusbar icon.

    - BUG: Yahoo! support was broken in general, fixed.
    - BUG: A9 support was broken, fixed.

1.8.6, 2005-07-02
    - BUG: del.icio.us support was broken, fixed.
1.8.5, 2005-05-23
    - WTF: The AVG antivirus package is reporting helper.URL.js for being a
           "hidden extension .js" file, just because of the name. So I had to
           change the filenames because they don't care whether the file is
           harmful or not (it isn't). Thank you, Grisoft, for making my day.

1.8.4, 2005-05-15
    - BUG: Simpy.com support was broken, fixed

1.8.3, 2005-05-05

    - BUG: gmail.google.com was processed but wasn't supposed to. Fixed.

1.8.2, 2005-04-28

    - BUG: This re-appearing statusbar icon is ticking me off, really. Fixed.
           I hope.

1.8.1, 2005-04-24

    - ADD: Statusbar icon (not the "BS" letters anymore). Yes, it's ugly. :P

    - BUG: The statusbar icon was popping up again at every Firefox start
           even if it was set to "off". Fixed.

1.8.0, 2005-04-19

    - ADD: Background tabs and windows are processed now, too.
    - ADD: New option - bigger icons.
    - ADD: Answers.com search (web results) is supported now.
    - ADD: The excellent A9.com book search is supported now.

    - CHG: Icons aren't pulled from my server anymore; they're part of the
           extension now. Why I didn't do this earlier, I don't know. :P
    - CHG: Huge amount of code rewrites to speed things up.

    - BUG: Sometimes problems with RTL fonts, should be fixed.
    - BUG: MSN Search was broken after MSN relaunched. Fixed.
    - BUG: A9's OpenSearch caused layout problems. Fixed. Thumbnails are now
           shown for original A9 search results only.
    - BUG: The new del.icio.us layout (del.icio.us/new/Carlo) was screwed up.
    - BUG: Sometimes, the URL normalization routine failed on Yahoo. Fixed.

1.7, 2005-01-21

    - CHG: Name change from "McSearchPreview" to "BetterSearch".
    - CHG: Revamped options dialog.

    - ADD: Added support for del.icio.us popular page
    - ADD: Quick preview feature.
    - ADD: Option to toggle single search engines on/off.
    - ADD: Option to limit the number of displayed thumbnails.

    - BUG: The original Yahoo New Window icon wasn't always disabled
    - BUG: del.icio.us layout was sometimes messed up
    - BUG: Wrong URL for Amazon.fr product images, hence they didn't show
    - BUG: Some international Yahoo sites didn't show correct thumbnails
    - BUG: If changes were made in the options dialog, the current page
           would reload, even if it wasn't a search engine page. Fixed.
    - BUG: Amazon product details were sometimes messed up (error 500
           instead of details shown). Fixed.
    - BUG: del.icio.us tag columns (right-hand side of the screen) were
           sometimes overlaying eachother. Fixed.

    - Added: Show product info for Amazon results.
    - Added: Link to Wayback Machine archive for a site.
    - Added: Option to turn of statusbar icon.
    - Cleanup: Icons in A9 and Yahoo are better aligned now.
    - Bugfix: Site Info links wouldn't be normalized.

    - Added: Option to route Alexa thumbnails through Anonymization.net to
      satisfy the paranoid
    - Bugfix: Fixed Options window size problems where the options dialog
      would consist of the window bar only.
    - Cleanups.

    - Bugfix: Fixed Google layout glitches

    - Added: "Show as many thumbnails as possible"
    - Added: Zooming thumbnails
    - Added: Location bar searches ("search firefox"). Rejoice.
    - Added: Support for simpy.com
    - Change: Options dialog is modal now
    - Change: Options dialog now has "Cancel" button
    - Change: Nice "New window" & "Site Info" icons (changed colors)
    - Change: Position of "Site Info" icon. Removed "Site Info" link label
    - Bugfix: "Sponsored Sites" area on MSN search pages isn't garbled
    - Bugfix: Some del.icio.us-related cleanups

    - Possible fix for the Google prefix problem where thumbnails would only
      show thumbnails of the Google frontpage.
    - Added del.icio.us support
    - Added update RDF file.

    - Added options dialog.
    - Switch between Alexa and Thumbshot thumbnails.
    - Added "Site Info" links to search results.
    - "Open in new window" works for Google now, too. :P
    - Removed single click statusbar toggling.
    - Added default values for the settings.
    - Tweaked the Amazon code to recognize more search results as single
    - Tweaked about dialog.
    - General bugfixing.

    - Changed the extension to use Alexa.com thumbnails.
    - Added thumbnails to Yahoo directory and news searches.
    - Added thumbnails to international MSN search engines.
    - Added amazon.ca code.
    - Added Site Info links to all results.

    - Changed the extension to use Alexa.com thumbnails.
    - Fixed getServerName(), it did sometimes throw an error.
    - Streamlined amazonify() quite a bit.
    - Made getAmazonPath() more failsafe.
    - Added amazon.ca code.
    - Added buildSiteInfoLink() and related code.

    - Added link to the extension homepage.
    - Changed thumbnail link to alexa.com
    - Added some more detail about the Amazon ID links.
    - Added Alexa.com PNG.

    - Cosmetic changes on the tooltip.

    - Initial release.

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