Privacy Policy

Data protection and privacy are matters of trust, and your trust in us matters. We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and place great emphasis on compliance with applicable laws and regulations on data protection and privacy. Herein below, therefore, we would like to inform you about the data that is captured when you use BetterSearch and about how it is utilised.

The Firefox add-on BetterSearch does NOT contain any ‘spyware’, that is, there is NO software that utilises a user's data and shares it with a third party without the user's knowledge and consent. Furthermore, BetterSearch does NOT contain any ‘adware’, that is, by installing the software the user will NOT be exposed to any additional advertising. BetterSearch does NOT store any cookies on users' computers either.

Data capture and utilisation

Our server log files automatically store the following information that your browser sends when you use BetterSearch:
- IP address
- Date and time of the server query
- http status code
- Referrer URL including all displayed links
- Browser type and version
- Operating system used

This data will not, of course, be shared with other companies, advertisers or any other third party, nor will any of this data be transferred to countries outside the European Union. All original data records transmitted will be deleted in full. The data is anonymised, i.e., it is modified so that it cannot be traced back to a specific individual. It is this modified form that is used to prepare statistics and analyse trends.

Request for information

At any time you can request information, free of charge, on your personal data that has been stored, its origin and recipient(s) as well as the purpose of such storage. If you have questions, feedback or complaints regarding data protection and privacy issues, please direct your correspondence to our data protection officer at

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