Overall BetterSearch is an impressive little hack that will make your co-workers ask, "Why doesn't my Google look like that?"

Download Squad's Browser Tip of the Day, July 5th, 2005

"BetterSearch is definitely one of my number one extensions for Firefox. Fast, simple, and error-free, it brightens up Google's results, and at the same time shows you a preview of a site before you click on the link. It is also updated frequently showing that the author cares about his/her extension. I feel that it definitely deserves FIVE stars!"

Bob Mitchell

"So cool it's a thing google should've come up with themselves. Simply brilliant!"


"I love this extension for several good reasons and I really like that I can see the thumbs of my del.ic.ous favorites."


"They say that familiarity breeds contempt. Obviously whoever penned that phrase was familiar with Google -- after a while, the plain text links all begin to look like alike.

[BetterSearch] adds thumbnail images for destination pages to search results from Google, MSN Search, Yahoo Search, A9, AllTheWeb, del.icio.us bookmarks, and Simpy.com. I found this premise to be extremely liberating and efficient. I was able to more quickly assess the viability and applicability of search results.

[..] Book lovers will appreciate the way [BetterSearch] not only shows the cover images for Amazon.com books, but the average reader rating and new/used practices as well. Another Amazon.com-centric goodie that comes with [BetterSearch] is Watchcow.net, an RSS-based price tracker for Amazon.com products.

[..] this is no fly-by-night extension. It's very solid, stable and, best of all, supported via a developer-driven message board."

"I am impressed by this extension. It makes search easier, by actualling seeing the pages before clicking anything. It helps weed out unwanted results quicker. I'm impressed by the how inventive this extension is."

El Jones

"This is one of the best extensions I have ever seen [..]"

Cameron Frye

"Couldn't live without it. This just may be my favorite extension!"


"Working really good on Google. Better than GooglePreview and working on many search sites."


"I fall in love with the extension. I do believe everyone will love this extension too. You cannot afford to miss it!"


"Not only is this extension one of the most innovative ideas I've seen it's also one of the most usefull. It accomplishes the impressive task of improving upon Google."

Colin Northway

"Very nice plugin. Speeds up my search result processing; the preview and thumbnails make it easier to quickly scan the results. Must have!"


"I forget where I first found about about this extension for Firefox, but that doesn't really matter. What does matter is what this amazing plugin does for you. This is BetterSearch. If you're like me and use Google and del.icio.us a lot, then I bet you'll like this plugin."


"BetterSearch is an excellent example of the sort of cool extensions that people are writing for Firefox. BetterSearch enhances Google and other search engines by including thumbnails of the pages returned as search results. Its got pretty sophisticated options, too -- I've got it set up to show small thumbnails and then big thumbnails on a mouseover."

Brian Carnell

"BetterSearch doesn't have screenshots for every site [..], but livelier and more useful search results it does make."


"This is kickass. I tried this extension a couple months ago for improved looking google searches, but it even works at delicious which was a complete surprise. Very cool."

A Whole Lotta Nothing

"Sometimes I find myself needing to find out something about a site and I need to do it fast. Two great sites for whois information are Whois Source and Web Hosting Information. Combine those wih Firefox Extensions like Bettersearch [..] and you will have a vast amount of information only a mouse-click away."


"Works great on del.icio.us and Google. I have been using the Google Preview extension but this one is much better."

John Hesch

"Love it! This makes searching fun again! Now I can see if a website is worth a darn! Why would anyone waste time with Google Preview when you can preview ANY search site AND del.icio.us!!!"


"While doing research for my StumbleUpon article a couple of few weeks ago, I literally stumbled upon Carlo Zottman's fabulous [BetterSearch] extension for Firefox. [BetterSearch] displays thumbnails of websites next to their urls in the search results window with a lot of search engines, like Google, MSN, Yahoo Search, Amazon's A9 and del.icio.us. I like previewing sites before I visit them because it helps me decide which ones to open first. I expect that the use of thumbnails will become more and more ubiquitous on the net over the next few years."

Marjolein Hoekstra, RG News

"Awesome - definite must have plugin."


"This is a cool extension, like the google preview extension on steroids! :)"


"This is such an amazing tool. You can actually see the web page before you open it on any of the major search engines! I would compare this accomplishment to mail/news clients allowing people to preview messages!"

Dan E

"Great extension"


"It's like a turbocharged version of moregoogle for IE (which I was missing a lot since I switched)! The "open in new window" addition is quite handy too. Thanks, great extension!"


"very cool"


"Excellent extension! Very useful and just plain fun."


"Impressive, bringing graphical content to web searches speeds up your search decisions."


"The site thumbnails are cool, but the Amazon product images are just awesome. Great work. This is one of those small things that changes how you look at the web."


"This is an awesome extension. I can't believe how well this works."


"It's great, you see the pages before going there. Sweeet! Thanx alot Carlo. I be watching for more of your great work."


"Why haven't search engines done this already? Searching without this just doesn't seem the same."

A'braham Barakhyahu

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